Shanghai- Day 2

During our second day in Shanghai, we had organised to meet with Leo in order to act as ambassadors for Cardiff met and talk about our experiences with a group of students from a different University. We arrived at the uni and Leo had nicely laid out tables of food and leaflets. We waited, assuming it was going to start at 2, but unfortunately, no one actually arrived until 2.30. By this point Me, Rosie and Alice had gone threw the powerpoint with Leo and discussed the photos of Cardiff.

When everyone arrived, we were asked to talk a little about our experiences. I found like very awkward, because for the first time, Leo was translating what we said to the students, and I found it hard to concentrate on what had already been said and what I still needed to say. However, I thought it went really well the some of the students seemed very interested in the University.

After leaving the university we arranged with Leo to collected circus tickets for the following day. I’d never seen a Chinese circus before, and seeing how little care they have for health and safety I was optimistic that it would be amazing.

After this we went to see old town, which I had looked up on Trip Advisor. It was said to be the old school Shanghai with street foods and souvenir shops. I was actually amazed at how different the architecture was in comparison to Beijing. However, I was really inspired how beautiful it was. And I wasn’t let down by the street food. We tried the fried dumplings and I also had some noodles which were really tasty. After Old Town we went for a walk to the Bund, the main walk way next to the river in Shanghai, where the views of sky scrapers are amazing. Obviously it was a very smoggy day, however seeing all the lights on the buildings and the different architecture was a beautiful sight. I was very impressed with how incredible the dight was.


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