Shanghai- Day 3

Today was a jammed packed day. First of all we visited a Buddhist Temple called Jade Buddha Temple. It was absolutely stunning, really surreal being in such a beautiful tranquil space in the city centre of Shanghai. Some of the rooms were so powerfully decorated, and some you could not photograph. But seeing people pray and meditate made it such a lovely space to be in. This makes me really want to read into buddhism and reevaluate me faith. While I was here I bought some incense sticks in hope of a splendid future.

Afterwards, we then went to the circus which we had booked the previous day. I was so excited to see this, and I was not let down. We were really nervous at the ideas of animals being in the circus and mistreated but it looks as if there were two circuses and we chose the right one for us.

There were so many different parts I really enjoyed that were just spectacular, many of which I videoed but I cannot put videos on here. One of my favourite parts was the introductions with the women on bikes, standing on the handle bars, and jumping from one to another via the shoulders. It was just an incredible thing to watch. I also loved watching the trampolining parts, because I love trampolining. Some of the stunts were amazing, it was really well put together and the quality of every movement was beautiful. I was also blown away with the final show, motor bikes in a small hamster ball. At first it was just one, which I was blown away with, but ended up with eight, thats right eight in a super small hamster ball. If you ever go to Shanghai make this a top priority because words can’t explain how crazy this was. It just comes to show how little health and safety they must have in this country to even dare try some of these things.

In the evening we decided to try go out because it is getting much colder in Beijing now, and plus we were told by Dr.Fan one of the Cardiff Met staff about a bar/club on the 87th floor a building and we had to try it out while we were in Shanghai.

After looking online for information we found it was called Cloud 9 in Jinmao Tower, Pudong District. This was one of the skyscrapers off the bund. When we arrived outside of the building, and looked up we could not even see the top due to the clouds/smog. It was a weird things. We went threw many parts of the building to get the bar, but once we were at the top it felt so strange, because in the lift your ears pop. after finally arriving on the 87th floor, all we could see from the windows was clouds. We sat back and drank some very expensive cocktails.

After an expensive few drinks in Cloud 9 we quickly dropped back down to earth to go on to another, but very different club that my brother had told me about called ‘The Mansion’. It was quite a distance from cloud 9, out of Shanghai central but was 100% worth it. It was off a main road, with a hole in the wall, you enter the back garden of someones mansion, which had been turned into a funky basement night club. The artwork on the walls I thought was really fun and interesting and I think I want to take ideas of the shapes and add them into my work some how. The whole idea of going into a random house for a club was like nothing i’d ever seen before, I was totally impressed. Plus there were so many Westerners there which made my night to hear someone speak english to me.

As you can tell, totally jam packed, but one of the best days.



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