Garment Making Class- New Skirt

Today, after kinda completing my PVC skirt, I decided I wanted to try make a different type of skirt so that I could learn new techniques before going back to England. And me being me I chose another super awkward material. My teacher was not impressed. I wanted to attempt to make an A-Line skirt using my metallic Leather.

my teacher quickly draw a rough pattern for me and I then copied it on a 1:1 scale. However it did need some adjusting. This pattern was a mis between the skirt and the trousers patterns I had previously learnt to do, I think this is because of the darts. I completed this skirt in a similar order to my other two, however I first started off by creating the darts. I then stitched the half seam and attached the zip, but loosely this time so that it wouldn’t break. I then stitched the other seam. Created the waist band and started to stitch this on before the day was finished. I still have some work to do, but as you can see in the bottom photo i’m basically finished. However it is so long, I need to cut it down. I hope I can finish all three skirts to a good quality before I go back to the UK. And perhaps try these techniques again but with something less awkward. Who knows how far I will get though. But now I am finding it much easier because I understand how to complete all the steps without assistance. Still don’t think I’m ready to attempt trousers yet.


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