China Office- Tea Party at CUFE

Today we attended an afternoon tea at a different university in Beijing called CUFE (Cental University of Economics and Finance). We arrived and met Quintina from the China office, and received warm coffee and biscuits. We were asked to prepare a speech and power point presentation of our experiences of Cardiff and Cardiff Met the day before so we set this up. We got introduced to all the students in the room and then completed out speech. Rosie spoke about arriving at Cardiff met, and what the first week was like including accommodation and the week one welcome. Alice spoke about the university its self, and I spoke about Cardiff and what a great city it was. We then got to show the students all our photos off the scenery, university and group photo shots and what not.

While watching the videos of Cardiff met it made me feel really lucky that I study at such a well known, modern university, with such a great links and opportunities. Not to even mention how beautiful and brilliant the city is. I just feel truly blessed to be able to embrace all these things. I hope this came across in my speech. We then got to listen threw Quintinas powerpoint (the same at little Leo’s). And afterwards received we chat information from all the students.

After the tea party was finished Quintina was nice enough to take us out to dinner. We got to speak with her more about the China office and what her job entails. It just seems every time we go to another organised event, we meet another member of the China office. Of which I only thought it consisted of a few people. We hope to visit the office sometime this week.



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