Feeling Blessed


Today I realised how lucky I am to be enrolled at such a modern and beautiful university in one of the most stunning city’s in the UK. Watching Videos of Cardiff met now that I’ve been in china for nearly three months had made me realise what a beautiful place it is to live in. I feel blessed that I was accepted into this university, and I am blessed that they offer me so many different new and exciting opportunity’s on a daily basis. I don’t think I can ask for a better university experience. Meeting people from all different backgrounds and living with people I maybe wouldn’t meet if I hadn’t of come to Cardiff Met. I am so thank full for my teachers especially Kerieine Canavan for accepting me onto this course and giving me the opportunity to go to China.

I wanted  to write a little about my experiences on my blog so perhaps other potential students can see what a great place it is. Being able to move into your own space with during that first week where there are many new people around you and you all want to be friends is a lovely feeling. That first week you meet so many new people its full of potential to meet your new best friend. Cardiff Met offers so many great opportunities including beautiful accommodations and facilities on campus. The week one welcome being a great experience, where you get to meet with the dean and your student union representatives. You also get to meet with all the different social and sports teams where you can take part of just make some friends. It was a very warm welcome.

The university its self is so modern. I think teachers are so kind and helpful, but still professional. In comparison to BIFT the teachers are there for you, and always the last to leave. They really care about your welfare and your your learning experience. The campus is so clean and everything is available at the tip of your fingers. You just need to experience it and ask lots of questions.

Transport links in the city are brilliant and the city it’s self offers some of the best views and exciting things to do. There are so many historic and creative things you can do even if you just had a weekend in Cardiff. And although people always say it rains, I only have memories of the sunshine. You have Cardiff Castle, town arcaded, Principallity stadium, Cardiff bay, Cardiff museum, St.Fagons, the botanical gardens of wales, bute park, river boats, music festivals, the hot air balloon festival, Cardiff sports village and so many more interesting things to do. If you make the most of it you will be so impressed with how many things Cardiff has to offer to a student or anyone for that matter.

Not to forget the night life. I’ve had some of the most exciting fun nights out in Cardiff with many of my friends who I’ve met from halls, or sports teams. Its just an exciting place to be where last minute you can plan to go out. Flat parties, organised bar crawls, celebrity meet and greet nights, or just going to a bar for a few drinks. The night life is Cardiff is next to none. Something to do every night of the week and you’ll always find someone to go out with if you want to.

I think Cardiff is one of my best decisions I’ve made and although I can’t tell you all my stories on my blog, I just want to let you know its such a fantastic city to live in and be part of the proud welsh team. Even if I’m not from wales, I’m happy to live in a city where pride is glorious and you can see this all over the city. Take a look at some of my photos of my experience from my first year:

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