Garment Making Class- Finished My Skirt

Today I finished this tricky A-line skirt with the help and guidance of my teacher. I needed to stitch down the waist band neatly, apply the clasp, shorten and neaten the bottom. The waist band was very tricky, but I don’t it very slowly inch by inch, without going backwards and forwards, and after stitching it once, I went round the whole thing again. This made it easy to unpick when I messed up. Once I had finished the waist band, I realised one side was a long winder then the other, so although they met up at the top perfectly, one side had a much shorter zip, which made it awkward to attach the clasp, luckily its not really practical. I then cut six centimetres off the bottom, and turned it over one centimetre and again, to stitch the neatly at the bottom. The issues I had with this material is, you couldn’t ion it, because it could melt. You couldn’t fold it because it would leave it with a visible creese changing the surface of the line. Also when stitching, because the machine moved the fabric with feet, the feet would mark the fabric making it very difficult to make any mistakes without visible marks. However, I finished it, and It fits me, but is slightly too big. But I cannot sit down in this skirt because it squeaks and creases. But my teacher wanted to take a picture us together while I was wearing it, as I may not see her again.

She was such a fabulous garment making teacher, although she could not speak any english, has taught me many things. Which I am very grateful for.


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