BIFT 2016 Class Photo


After my class last class had finished, I specifically told Hongbon to ask the teacher if we could get a class photo of everyone, because this was my favourite class. She said we should all go outside and take a picture with the logo in the background. It was a lovely idea however, it was so windy. Took some beautiful fun photos though.


Final Day’s at BIFT

Today was my final day at BIFT, and before I left I wanted to finish Macy’s project, in my research and development class and I wanted to make a mask to go with my skirt keeping with the theme of space age fashion. I had already made a template for my first mask, and cut out the fabric, all I needed to do was stitch it together. After making the first one, I had the rest of the day so I started doodling some more ideas and ended up creating three more different masks, with different shapes colours and patterns. I made some people in the class try them on. I think its a challenge to use them because it is such thin plastic, they stick to your face and its very hard to blink. However, with the resources I have I am very pleased with them, as I think they look interesting and match the theme and my skirt. When we got home, Alice tried them on, but it seemed her head was a tiny bit too big for the small bands I had made. Lets hope they fit the model.


This in the final page in mu sketch book, showing the final design ideas, looking at masks and the skirt panels and brace straps. I want to complete the straps perhaps when I get home but will leave it for now because I would like to use a guillotine to cut the stars straight which I don’t have access to here at BIFT.

Considering this in my finished product for this project I want time to evaluate this project as a whole. I want to start of saying, I have really struggled to find the balance between attempting fashion techniques without the knowledge and textiles techniques without the resources. So I am glad I have gone down the fashion route with this project, I have learnt many new techniques and experienced many problems along the way, but think this has all been part of the experience. I am glad I chose such an interesting era to study as I find it fascinating to look at fashion, fabrics and patterns during this era. But also I like the chance to work with some more unusual fabrics I wouldn’t normally chose to work with. If I was to spend more time on this project of go back and change things, I wish I had researched into more 60’s artists and designers from the beginning, and I would make WGSN forecast a bigger priority in my work. If I was to re create my final piece I would change the colours to go with the forecasted trends, perhaps red and purple. But I think it has opened my eyes to the ideas of using unusual fabrics to cover the body, and ways to look at the body. It has also made me more aware of different techniques I want to test out when I return home like pleating, fabric manipulation and laser cutting (testing this plastic). I think this would all benefit this project, which I hope to continue when I return home with more textile techniques. I am very glad to be returning home with a new point of interest and many new interesting fashion designers to influence me into new direction.




Professional Practice


During this term I feel firstly I have gained the confidence to travel, which although I’m lucky in my life to have travelled quite a bit.  Before this experience I had never travelled without an ‘adult’ presence like a parent of teacher. Specifically travelling on my own in an area that is unknown and slightly harder to navigate around because of the language barrier. I feel much more confident about the future potential to travel to new city’s, or countries on my own. Secondly while being in China, I think I have picked up some of the language which I think is a really important language to learn. I think this could be helpful to all aspects of my life in the future with the idea of meeting people from different backgrounds within industry. I hope to continue trying to learn more Mandarin when I return home to better my future potential. Whilst being in China, we have acted as ambassadors for Cardiff Met, which has given me the chance to travel and speak in front of large groups of students and teachers. I think this has given me more confidence to speak in public. Especially about something I am passionate about, like Cardiff Met. It has given me a better understanding of how to act in front of different people, I feel I can differentiate between different circumstances, weather to act professional or more casual. I have also made many contacts in the hope that in the future I can get a Job in China acting as part of the Cardiff Met team, or as a teacher, which I think would be another great experience and opportunity to learn the language and gain more skills in the work place. Not only this, but I have also made many friends who are Chinese that hope to travel to English in the not so distant future to study. I think these contacts are also very important, and I hope I can help them out when they travel to England.

Experience at BIFT


Studying at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology for three months has been an amazing experience. We experienced many challenges along the way, however, I feel we have grown to overcome this as a group (Alice, Rosie and I) and have gone on to learn many new and interesting things which I don’t think I would have got the chance to learn if I continued to study textiles. This time here at BIFT has really opened my eyes to differences between education in China compared to education at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and has made me very thankful.

Before travelling, I assumed all my classes would be taught in English. However, to my surprise very few teachers spoke any English at all. So this was a major challenge to understand my teachers. I was lucky enough to have many students help me to translate, which I think has benefited them as well, as I can see an improvement in there English since first starting at BIFT. The teaching style at BIFT I have struggled with as I feel it is very old fashioned and not very creative. It seems most classes are taught from text books, which doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer a more creative environment to work in, which has made me realise how much freedom we receive at Cardiff Met to be our own person and support from the teachers to try new things.

Nevertheless, I think I have learnt many fashion skills during my time here at BIFT. I have learnt how to draw the human body, which I am very pleased with as before I was very uninterested in drawing. I think this is a huge accomplishment as before I thought the body was very complicated to draw but this is now become an interest of mine, looking at the shapes of the human body. I have also learnt how to draw many different clothing patterns, and how to construct two types of skirts using an industrial sewing machine. I think this is a huge accomplishment in such a short space of time, I’m very pleased I stuck with my garment construction class, as I was really struggling with the language barrier from my teacher because she spoke no English, however, I overcome this with the help of my friends and have tried becoming more creative with the choices of fabrics. I really struggled using an industrial sewing machine at first because I had never seen anything like it, and it took time to practice becoming steady but now I have learnt I don’t mind these machines at all.

The university its self has many new and exciting thing happening each week, including exhibitions, textiles, fashion and jewellery based. Sports events, shows and markets. This has been a fantastic resource for inspiration and buying equipment and fabrics. The university also has its own Ethnic costume museum which although opening times have been a struggle to get to, what’s inside I have found to very inspirational specifically looking at patterns and marks.

This school is a complete contrast to Cardiff met, I feel as if they have very few resources like computers, printers and Wi-Fi. But saying this, my education here has been an experience in its self and I am so thankful for my teachers and in particular Richard, from the Erasmus office who has helped us meet people and I am pleased to have a whole new friendship group here at BIFT, which will make it a very emotional experience to leave.Ex

Creative and Cultural Experience



Before travelling to china to study, I was very uncertain about the possibility of studying fashion because I was unware of the creative possibilities which I could create because it was such a short exchange. However, this last month has really changed my mind to the potential, exciting outcomes I could achieve with the right foundations. I have really struggled finding the right balance between textiles and fashion, without resources to complete textile techniques and the knowledge to create fashion pieces. But recently have found new inspiration from many different fashion designers, who are using unusual fabrics of surface pattern methods which has made me think more out of the box.  Although I feel my skills are limited I have become more confident in drawing, especially the human body which I think is a huge accomplishment for me as before I was really uninterested in drawing. And with these drawings I have become more experimental with shapes and future potential ideas for more fashion garments. The garments I have made are all very similar but I have tried to use fabrics that are slightly more interesting and challenging to work with, and used different designs and templates to create more variety in my work.

My experiences in China have been much more then just attending university, I feel so lucky to have been able to sight see and travel while I have been here. I have been inspired at many of the sights I have seen, because of the cultural aspects that I have never seen before. In particular, the ancient history of the traditional Chinese buildings, and the decorative artwork and colours found everywhere, in particular at the Summer Palace. But I have also been inspired by the artwork of Buddhism, I have seen, when visiting temples. I would love to find out more about this religion when I return home as I think it sounds like a beautiful religion with lovely attributes. However, to my surprise I have also been very inspired by the modern architecture, in particular the geometric shapes and interesting designs. I think this will be a huge influence in my work when I return home to continue this project, as I want to attempt to resemble these surface patterns in my work threw the art of pleating, which I am excited about as I have arranged work experience during the Easter holidays to explore this medium with a company based in London.

One major part of this trip has been acting as an ambassador for Cardiff Met which has allowed us to travel to different parts of China, and visit university’s and speak about our experiences. Each time we have met a new member of the Cardiff Met China office and had a very different experiences. While being here, I have realised how lucky I am to attend a University offering me exciting opportunity’s like this one, and what a great city Cardiff is.

I am so pleased that I chose to take this opportunity. I have gained many so many valuable lessons and feel I have grown as a person. I have made contacts with lots of different people from different backgrounds and I think I will return home appreciating life a lot more.


Mutianyu Great Wall

Today we visited another part of the great wall, called Mutianyu. We asked Richard to help us book tickets, which turned out to be very cheap. This part of the wall  was very different to Badaling, it was much less crowded and full of westerners. perfect for a picture.

When we arrived we were told it was 100 Yuan for a ticket to get the cable car up the wall, and to get back down we could get the cable car or the toboggan. It was a very scary ride up, and Alice was kind enough to let me and Rosie go together, because we were both so scared. When we arrived at the top, we were at tower 6. We decided to set our goals high and attempt to reach the tower where the next cable car was situated, which was tower 15. We walked a very long way, however took many photos along the way. It was a fantastic day to go, as it was sunny with blue sky, and it wasn’t too crowded.

When we finally reached the 15th tower, we took a rest for 10 minutes, as we had walked so many steps, maybe 6,000 by this point. We then made the long trip back down the wall to the 6th tower to ride back down the wall. It only took us 30 minutes to wall back, which was surprising but I was shocked how much my legs were shaking when we got near to the end. We decided on the toboggan as it looked so much fun. I went first as both Rosie and Alice seemed slightly scared, and so was I, but I was very excited. I tried my hardest to go fast but I was very scared I was going to fall off the edge. I got some great photos and videos though, can’t complain. Literally think this was the best day yet. Got lots of exercise, got some sun, took some lovely photos and tried some new things. Was a great day out, so pleased to have been able to go back to the wall, and experience a completely different part. Much better then Badaling if you are thinking of going, i recommend Mutianyu.

I want to say a special thank-you to these two girls for making this experience the best ever. We’ve made so many fantastic memories together in such a short space of time. I’m so thankful we got to do it together, and if I could do it again I totally would.  Rosie and Alice thank-you so much.


Leaving Party

Today was our leaving party to celebrate our time at BIFT with all of our friends that we have made during the three months we were here. We had so many ideas at first of what to do, but nothing really seemed to work out. So Richard suggested we order pizza and have a party at uni. He was nice enough to apply for funding to buy us pizza which we are so appreciate off. He found us some decorations and we decorated the room and played some cheesy music, turns out the girls had never been to an english school disco.

Some of our friends were nice enough to bring us gifts which was so thoughtful. One girl called Zoe, who is in Alice and Rosie’s sewing class bought us each a bunch of flowers and wrote us a card. It was so thoughtful, the flowers were gorgeous. Zoe and Lily bought us a cute little wizard toy and my friend Rachel bought me a beautiful pair of earrings. So thoughtful, I feel like I should be buying them gifts, but I want to buy them something British. We all sat down and ate pizza together which was nice. Afterwards we tried to make the girls dance to the Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena but didn’t really go to plan. I think they were pretty shy. It was so cute.

Later on the boys arrived, after attending there rehearsal of the school talent show. and we decided from here to move the party to KTV, which Zoe suggested. As we had never been before we thought it would be a good idea to go as a big group. We traveled via taxi and arrived at this beautiful location. It was an odd experience. We went into a room, and we could choose from a huge selections of songs, and we sang in-front of each other. Of course Hongbon sang to Justin Bieber. It was so nice to celebrate with all our friends. A lovely end to time here at BIFT. Defiantly went off with a bang. I’m so thankful for all my friends I have made. I think we will be friends for a long time, and I am excited to know they plan to study in the UK in the future.