Jingshan Park

Today we visited Jingshan Park, located North of the Forbidden City in the Imerial City area of Beijing.

Jingshan history dates back to the Liao and Jin dynasties, The 45 meter high hill was constructed entirely from the soil moved by manual labour and animal power. Jingshan consists of five individual peaks with elaborate pavilions.

It was very cheap to enter only 24p, and we walked straight to the top of the hill where we saw five very similar pavilions, however, one much larger with a large statue of Buddha inside. But the main reason for our visit was the beautiful view from the top. We were very lucky, as we managed to go on a clear day. So clear we could see the mountains in the distance. But still it angers me that my phone can’t take as good a photo compared to my eyes. It was a beautiful sight, and to see how large the forbidden city was from the top is just incredible. Beautiful views on a beautiful view.

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