Chairman Mao’s Body


Today we spent the morning in Tiananmen square, to visit Chairman Mao’s (the guard of China) Body. We took our time to find the building and ended up getting lost and taking a gold buddy back to the square. But eventually we found the correct building and made our way threw into see his remains. We had read on trip advisor that many people waited up to an hour to get threw, however by the time we arrived it was 11am and we walked straight in.

First all all there was a room with a huge statue of him sitting on a char, and bouquets of flowers in-front. People were buying flowers inside to rest at his feet, which I thought was beautiful. This was the first time I had seen a statue of the guard, before I had only seen his headshot. We then walked into the second room, were he was encased in a glass box, which was in a glass room, with four security guards around him. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen, his head was lit up, and his body was covered with a blanket. I didn’t get the chance to examine it properly, I think when walking past you don’t have time to look at all aspects of the room. But as soon as I saw his head, I was very confused as to what I was looking at. It was a very odd experience however, I’m so glad I had time to see this with my own eyes.

Unfortunately you can’t take pictures of anything inside the building, so I have no pictures but here is some of Tiananmen, and us on a golf buggy.

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