Mutianyu Great Wall

Today we visited another part of the great wall, called Mutianyu. We asked Richard to help us book tickets, which turned out to be very cheap. This part of the wall  was very different to Badaling, it was much less crowded and full of westerners. perfect for a picture.

When we arrived we were told it was 100 Yuan for a ticket to get the cable car up the wall, and to get back down we could get the cable car or the toboggan. It was a very scary ride up, and Alice was kind enough to let me and Rosie go together, because we were both so scared. When we arrived at the top, we were at tower 6. We decided to set our goals high and attempt to reach the tower where the next cable car was situated, which was tower 15. We walked a very long way, however took many photos along the way. It was a fantastic day to go, as it was sunny with blue sky, and it wasn’t too crowded.

When we finally reached the 15th tower, we took a rest for 10 minutes, as we had walked so many steps, maybe 6,000 by this point. We then made the long trip back down the wall to the 6th tower to ride back down the wall. It only took us 30 minutes to wall back, which was surprising but I was shocked how much my legs were shaking when we got near to the end. We decided on the toboggan as it looked so much fun. I went first as both Rosie and Alice seemed slightly scared, and so was I, but I was very excited. I tried my hardest to go fast but I was very scared I was going to fall off the edge. I got some great photos and videos though, can’t complain. Literally think this was the best day yet. Got lots of exercise, got some sun, took some lovely photos and tried some new things. Was a great day out, so pleased to have been able to go back to the wall, and experience a completely different part. Much better then Badaling if you are thinking of going, i recommend Mutianyu.

I want to say a special thank-you to these two girls for making this experience the best ever. We’ve made so many fantastic memories together in such a short space of time. I’m so thankful we got to do it together, and if I could do it again I totally would.  Rosie and Alice thank-you so much.


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