Creative and Cultural Experience



Before travelling to china to study, I was very uncertain about the possibility of studying fashion because I was unware of the creative possibilities which I could create because it was such a short exchange. However, this last month has really changed my mind to the potential, exciting outcomes I could achieve with the right foundations. I have really struggled finding the right balance between textiles and fashion, without resources to complete textile techniques and the knowledge to create fashion pieces. But recently have found new inspiration from many different fashion designers, who are using unusual fabrics of surface pattern methods which has made me think more out of the box.  Although I feel my skills are limited I have become more confident in drawing, especially the human body which I think is a huge accomplishment for me as before I was really uninterested in drawing. And with these drawings I have become more experimental with shapes and future potential ideas for more fashion garments. The garments I have made are all very similar but I have tried to use fabrics that are slightly more interesting and challenging to work with, and used different designs and templates to create more variety in my work.

My experiences in China have been much more then just attending university, I feel so lucky to have been able to sight see and travel while I have been here. I have been inspired at many of the sights I have seen, because of the cultural aspects that I have never seen before. In particular, the ancient history of the traditional Chinese buildings, and the decorative artwork and colours found everywhere, in particular at the Summer Palace. But I have also been inspired by the artwork of Buddhism, I have seen, when visiting temples. I would love to find out more about this religion when I return home as I think it sounds like a beautiful religion with lovely attributes. However, to my surprise I have also been very inspired by the modern architecture, in particular the geometric shapes and interesting designs. I think this will be a huge influence in my work when I return home to continue this project, as I want to attempt to resemble these surface patterns in my work threw the art of pleating, which I am excited about as I have arranged work experience during the Easter holidays to explore this medium with a company based in London.

One major part of this trip has been acting as an ambassador for Cardiff Met which has allowed us to travel to different parts of China, and visit university’s and speak about our experiences. Each time we have met a new member of the Cardiff Met China office and had a very different experiences. While being here, I have realised how lucky I am to attend a University offering me exciting opportunity’s like this one, and what a great city Cardiff is.

I am so pleased that I chose to take this opportunity. I have gained many so many valuable lessons and feel I have grown as a person. I have made contacts with lots of different people from different backgrounds and I think I will return home appreciating life a lot more.


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