Professional Practice


During this term I feel firstly I have gained the confidence to travel, which although I’m lucky in my life to have travelled quite a bit.  Before this experience I had never travelled without an ‘adult’ presence like a parent of teacher. Specifically travelling on my own in an area that is unknown and slightly harder to navigate around because of the language barrier. I feel much more confident about the future potential to travel to new city’s, or countries on my own. Secondly while being in China, I think I have picked up some of the language which I think is a really important language to learn. I think this could be helpful to all aspects of my life in the future with the idea of meeting people from different backgrounds within industry. I hope to continue trying to learn more Mandarin when I return home to better my future potential. Whilst being in China, we have acted as ambassadors for Cardiff Met, which has given me the chance to travel and speak in front of large groups of students and teachers. I think this has given me more confidence to speak in public. Especially about something I am passionate about, like Cardiff Met. It has given me a better understanding of how to act in front of different people, I feel I can differentiate between different circumstances, weather to act professional or more casual. I have also made many contacts in the hope that in the future I can get a Job in China acting as part of the Cardiff Met team, or as a teacher, which I think would be another great experience and opportunity to learn the language and gain more skills in the work place. Not only this, but I have also made many friends who are Chinese that hope to travel to English in the not so distant future to study. I think these contacts are also very important, and I hope I can help them out when they travel to England.

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