Final Day’s at BIFT

Today was my final day at BIFT, and before I left I wanted to finish Macy’s project, in my research and development class and I wanted to make a mask to go with my skirt keeping with the theme of space age fashion. I had already made a template for my first mask, and cut out the fabric, all I needed to do was stitch it together. After making the first one, I had the rest of the day so I started doodling some more ideas and ended up creating three more different masks, with different shapes colours and patterns. I made some people in the class try them on. I think its a challenge to use them because it is such thin plastic, they stick to your face and its very hard to blink. However, with the resources I have I am very pleased with them, as I think they look interesting and match the theme and my skirt. When we got home, Alice tried them on, but it seemed her head was a tiny bit too big for the small bands I had made. Lets hope they fit the model.


This in the final page in mu sketch book, showing the final design ideas, looking at masks and the skirt panels and brace straps. I want to complete the straps perhaps when I get home but will leave it for now because I would like to use a guillotine to cut the stars straight which I don’t have access to here at BIFT.

Considering this in my finished product for this project I want time to evaluate this project as a whole. I want to start of saying, I have really struggled to find the balance between attempting fashion techniques without the knowledge and textiles techniques without the resources. So I am glad I have gone down the fashion route with this project, I have learnt many new techniques and experienced many problems along the way, but think this has all been part of the experience. I am glad I chose such an interesting era to study as I find it fascinating to look at fashion, fabrics and patterns during this era. But also I like the chance to work with some more unusual fabrics I wouldn’t normally chose to work with. If I was to spend more time on this project of go back and change things, I wish I had researched into more 60’s artists and designers from the beginning, and I would make WGSN forecast a bigger priority in my work. If I was to re create my final piece I would change the colours to go with the forecasted trends, perhaps red and purple. But I think it has opened my eyes to the ideas of using unusual fabrics to cover the body, and ways to look at the body. It has also made me more aware of different techniques I want to test out when I return home like pleating, fabric manipulation and laser cutting (testing this plastic). I think this would all benefit this project, which I hope to continue when I return home with more textile techniques. I am very glad to be returning home with a new point of interest and many new interesting fashion designers to influence me into new direction.





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