Christmas and New Years

This christmas, I was lucky enough to spend time with my family (minus my brother who is still in China) in Florida and New York City. Whilst here we were able to sight see and I took some wonderful and inspirational Photos.

These photos were taken at Celebration at night time. Celebration is a town that was/is owned by Disney. It looks like something of desperate housewives, the popular tv series. Perfect american houses, with perfect gardens. Its a city that you could live in and never leave, because they have everything there. Must look it up because it is beautiful. But as it was christmas time, they fill the streets with snow in the evening and it was just a picturesque setting to take these wonderful photos over the lake, looking at the reflection of the buildings and sky in the water.

The next day I went to Disney land with my Aunt and Uncle. I’ve been many times as a child but could not remember it what so ever. Although I got some lovely photos and got to the see parade, it was a disappointing day with long queues and expensive food. I’m glad I went though as my aunt had never been before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

We flew home via New York on New years day and my Uncle was so lovely to book us tickets to go up the new One World Trade Centre. When I was younger I previously saw the start of the memorial being built where the 9/11 tragedy had happened. But now that It is complete I must say it is a beautiful tribute to those that lost there lives. With all the names carved into the metal and the water fall which is large and goes deep into the centre. The weather makes the pictures look dull but it was seriously a beautiful sight.

The new world trade centre observatory was incredible. Being in China and going up to the 87th floor was incredible but this was a crazy 102 floors. The tallest building in the western hemisphere. As you go up the lift, it shows the changes in New York from Centuries ago, as the land changes from mud and grass into buildings and roads, and the buildings getting taller and taller. It was an interesting look on how New York has changed over years and years of industrialisation. The view from the top was incredible, however it was very close to the coast making it very different to the Empire State building view, but still lovely. I was glad to see Ellis Island from the top because this is one place I have so intrigued by, although I have visited it twice before I would love the opportunity to go again. One the way down in the lift, the walls of the lift show you a 360 degree view circling the outside of the new One World Trade Centre. I must find a video on Youtube as it was incredible. The Empire State building is nothing in comparison.


Happy 2017, I’m praying for everyone to have a wonderful year full of new challenges and self growth.


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