India- Day 1

The first day we spent in India was jam packed full of exciting opportunities to explore some of the city of Jaipur’s culture.

First of all we took the coach to the Amber Fort. However, the Amber Fort was at the top off the hill so we got dropped off at the bottom and needed to find transport up to the top. We walked past the elephants which were taking people up the hill. They were beautifully covered in brightly patterned face paint and colourful fabrics. Although I was very against riding an elephant, but I do understand this is a different culture with different values and respects for animals. 20170124_105442.jpg

we ended up finding jeeps that groups of 6 could ride up the hill in. Attempting to continue this time lapse video thing I created a video of us going up the hill in the jeep which I found very fun. Although bumpy it was a great experience.


When we finally got to the top we arrived at the Amber Fort. A Fort known for its artistic Hindu style elements. The Fort Overlooks Maota Lake, which is a stunning view of natural beauty. The Fort is contracted out of red sandstone and marble making it very attractive. It consists of the ‘Hall of Public Audience’, the ‘Hall of Private Audience’, the mirror palace called ‘Sheesh Mahal’ and the Sukh Niwas which I don’t think I saw because it says online it has artificially created climate.

My favourite room of all was by far the mirror palace which was beautifully decorated from walls to ceilings in glass and mirror which was stunning ascetically. And next to this room was an outside garden with shaped bushes and fountains making this area look beautifully finishes. Some hallways and rooms were very bare and looked to be crumbling but it was built in the 15th century so can I blame the walls for looking less then perfect. I created some rubbings based on the cracks in the walls which I thought created an interesting textured image.

After spending a few hours at the fort, we eventually walked back down the hill to get taken to the step well. It just reminded me of the painting called steps, it was incredible to see. So many geometric shapes with the way the sun was hitting the stairs. We couldn’t go down to the bottom as it was protected by a guard, but looking down I could see the water was very dirty. We took some group photos which I can’t wait to see. Keireine said it was a tradition to take a group photo at the step well every year CSAD go on the India trip.

After this we visited the Pana Meena Kund, which was a textile museum specialising in the art of block carving and printing in the traditional way. We even got to get hands-on and print some of the blocks ourselves. Seeing these men print so quickly and so neat I was so impressed, it obviously takes practice but It was very efficient.



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