India- Day 6

Today we visited the City Palace of Udaipur where the Maharaja still lives. The palace took nearly 400 years to construct in a extravagant style. It is said to be the largest of its type in the state of Rajasthan. Build on a hill creating a beautiful panoramic view of the city, overlooking Lake Pichola. This was probably one of my favoirte places we visited because of all the amazing patterns on the ceilings, walls and windows. I was very impressed with all the different rooms having there own unique style of patterns and colour schemes. It was rather beautiful to look at. (only have limited imagery because you needed to pay to take photos in the Palace)

Afterwards we took a trip to this gem polishing workshop. I was expecting to walk in and see a complete workshop, however first of all we walked into the shop where we saw all the expensive gold and silver jewellery, most of which was too expensive for me to even consider looking at. After spending time in the shop we eventually were taken into the workshop where we got a brief introduction into how they create the jewellery. To be honest I was slightly uninterested when we went in and didn’t take much on board because that day i was feeling somewhat ill. But it was interesting to see the contrast between the sales room and the workshop which he had said he lined the wall of the workshop with dung, for some reason I don’t know. Not that we were allowed to take photos of the shop but you can imagine it was high end and lavish.

We quickly then rushed to get back to the city palace to take a boat trip over to a small island called Jag Mandir, also known as Lake Garden Palace. This was were the royal family would spend there summers. While i was there someone told me it was used in one of the James Bond films however I can’t find any information about this online. It was a beautiful setting and we were able to watch the sun set behind the mountains which was beautiful.


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