My trip to Rajasthan has been a unique, inspirational and cultural experience. It has been like nothing I have encountered previously. Filled with exciting visual sights like patterns, colour’s and textures, as well as smells, tastes and lifestyles.  India was like nothing I have ever experienced before, and I feel so lucky to be able to have experienced this trip with my peers.

I have found a new love for hand processes, in particular dyeing and printing. I have always enjoyed tie-dyeing however I haven’t had the chance to experiment with it in such a long time so I would love to do more of it this term because I love the fun and unknown outcome. Due to the fact I spent first term of second year in China, I haven’t done any serious printing since first year, and I am excited to get back into the print lab this term. I have so many brightly coloured ideas because of all the inspiration I gained from the visually beautiful sights I have experienced this term.

Our brief was to create a short film or slide show as a response to the Rajasthan trip. I decided to create a short clip using both moving image and still imagery to showcase my new skills on I stop motion as well as my new found interest in hand printing techniques. I decided to pick a theme personal to me, and ended up choosing to look at horoscopes. I’ve always been interested in Astrology however since visiting India, I have realized that they look at horoscopes in a completely different way to how we view them in the United Kingdom. They base their Zodiac signs on their date, time and place of birth. Usually, I would be an Aquarius because I was born on the 18th of February, however according the beliefs in India I am a Capricorn. With this in mind, I created two lino prints, one using the Aquarius symbol and one using the Capricorn symbol. Following this, I created an I stop motion video of me using these lino prints to create a design with colours from some of my favorite imagery from the trip.

This trip has inspired me to take a more hands on approach to creating patterns. I will forever be inspired by the creative textures and patterns I saw in India. It is a beautiful place filled with a massive divide between the wealthy and the poor, I feel that this makes it extremely diverse and visually interesting. I want to say how thankful I am for these wonderful opportunities I have received. Its hard for me to believe that we live on the same planet with such different lifestyles.


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