Japanese Fashion Designers

We were set a task to find an article about an interest of ours in the journal section of the library. Because I had little knowledge of the Journal section of the Library, I though I would ask one of the women at the desk for advice. 9780857853134She helped me use MetSearch to find Journals about fashion which is what I wanted in the first place however, I was looking in issues of Vogue which I didn’t really understand. Whilst online I came across this book looking at Japanese fashion designers which immediately I was drawn to the front cover of pleated see threw layers of a jacket. I have found it online in the library and am waiting to collect it but the online content gives me many designers of which some I have already looked at but others I have never heard of which are of interest to me. Including Dai Fujiwara.

Fujiwara graduated from Tama Art University, Tokyo in textile design and joined the Miyake Design Studio as a member of the Paris collection staff. He started work with Miyake on a project called A-POC (A piece of cloth) in 1998 and received several awards. He was also appointed Creative Director of Issey Miyake collections in 2006.

But my favoirte work of his is the autumn/winter collection of 2009 with these beautiful light as a feather pieces. As written on Vogue it says that Miyake was a poet and that these final outfits were evoked by the poetry of the master.


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