Croquis Design Workshop

Croquis is a French word which means a sketch or outline. The idea is to make the final croquis look as much like the printed fabric as possible. The size of the croquis is usually determined by the size of the motif and the distance between them. 32cm by 32cm is the standard size in the trade. More commercial designs will be shown in several different colours (colour ways). Heres an example by misprint.

There are many different layouts for a croquis design. Here are a few:

-Set and precise

-Free flowing

-Random and ‘tossed’

-stripe formation

-Arranged as a border

During this workshop I started off with four motifs, an alien, jellyfish, mobile phone and diamond. And just started doodling some of these different designs with tracing paper. Take a look:

These designs look very faint because I scanned them in however, you can see I attempted many different types of designs. I also tested out paint on one but because of the lack of control and choice in colours I gave up very quickly and thought these would be much better to complete digitally. With these I also tested colour ways using my chosen colour scheme for this project.



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