Mood Board and Colour Board

Now returning into Subject we have been ask to create a brief for this project and to go along side it we have been asked to made a series of four boards. A mood board, colour board, customer board and competitor board. At first I was thinking of continuing the fashion route however, when I look at fashion, I didn’t want to create the fabric for it, I just wanted to design it. So with this project I decided to try something slightly different because we are meant to be creating a series of samples.

With this project I have decided to look at futuristic fashion designs and other motifs to incorporate this into stationary and paper pieces which I think is a good spin. I continued using my previous Pinterest with the same ideas including 60’s space age and the digital wave theme on WGSN to continue this as an ongoing project but going in a new direction.

Using imagery found on Pinterest and other sights, and using my fabulous Photoshops skills I have created so far both my mood and colour board going for an edgy look with creative motifs. take a look:


I recently changed the font using ‘DaFont‘ and with the help of my graphic student friends decided on this transformers font because of the clean lines that are easy to read but, still with a futuristic feel.



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