In order to continue this project, I have been asked to write my own brief that a company would write me. While looking at stationary, I can’t seem to find any company’s that really match my products that I want to create. Which in turn is a good thing. Making my products have a unique selling point. But in order to outline a company I am stuck with what and who to choose.

At first I was looking at a company called Pattern State who create geometric prints for other companies, which mostly goes into interiors. I thought this might be an interesting link because she’s a pattern company. However, after some thought, I decided against this company because of how contrasting my designs are in comparison. I thought I’m better off looking else were. I then thought about just using Paper Chase as the company, but then decided against it because it just seems slightly too basic. When I look on there website, it doesn’t have collection branded named which is something that put me off. I then also looked at a company called Cyber Dog which is a futuristic store based in Camden, London. Which mostly focuses on fashion but there ideas of a futuristic style match my theme and thought it would make my products a unique selling point because they don’t already sell stationary of any kind. But my problem with this company is that I want my target market to be young women, potentially students. However, I’m not sure my target audience would look online or go into this store to find this type of product. This is all a working process.

But I am currently creating prints to be used for a stationary and paper products for young edgy women. Keeping with the theme of digital wave and space age fashion. I have since been drawing lots of motifs to go with my theme, taking inspiration from tumblr and pinterest of different alien like shapes, as well as my travel photos. A photo will follow along later.

I have started on ideas for my customer and competitors mood board. Heres what I have so far. Take a look:



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