New Motifs

With all my recent drawing I have started working with a few chosen motifs in order to get this project started. Because after all I need to have twelve finished designs in three weeks time, and I haven’t done any screen printing or stitch work yet which makes me worried. I choose these motifs because they include some detailed fashion elements from my Beijing project. But also include some more wacky but simple motifs to bring them all together.


My next step included testing out just a few colour ways of the motifs with most of my colour pallet. As you can see I might have got carried away but it looks so pretty. In keeping with the theme I think my person favourites include the first one with the green skin, blue and yellow pattern and the fifth with the green skin, pink and blue pattern as they both suggest alien colours with an interesting young edgy vibe, which is quite playful. As you can see I have grouped certain colours together to match with the colour trends on wgsn. Which I think have worked quite well. In particular- Yellow, green and blue (sometimes with a hint of pink). Also Purple and red.



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