More Pattern Ideas

After creating those previous prints I wanted to try be a little more experimental. As you can see all of my designs are on these square boards- Croquis. And I am testing out different design methods to try be more creative with my motifs. So this first design I have some how incorporated all my colours with these two motifs thinking of a stripe. I’m not exactly sure if it works because there maybe to many colours, maybe in a different colour this might work better with a more focused colour scheme. The second design has a more focused colour scheme again using stripes. I think this works really nicely But I’m not sure what I was thinking this could be on when I designed it. Perhaps to go along a side of a file which might be nice because it is a detailed design.

The third design I was trying to incorporate more motifs, thinking about boarders.For example a border of a note bad paper. I’m not sure if this exactly works because the green is very bright which maybe overpowering of all the other colours. But it was just an idea so on wards and upwards. The forth design I was thinking of using the same motifs in different colours but in two different layered patterns. Making some of the motifs appear 3D which I think looks quite interesting. Maybe on a different scale though. Finally this fifth design is just something I have to test out when ever I have a pattern based project. I always test out a pinwheel design because thats always fun. Last week in the croquis talk, Helen suggested if you were creating a fabric for fashion its best to create something that works in directions, in order to save fabric for the makers, but as you can see I haven’t don’t this with this design. If you look closely I have included a space ship in the middle of each circle all facing the same way. Its always something to consider. And because of how intrigue the design is with opacity settings changed I think Its very hard to look at. But I’m glad I tried it to see maybe this time it doesn’t work.

After this I thought it might be nice to test out some colour ways because its a very quick thing to do on Photoshop. I started of with a basic design using the star and four colours. My first thought when I look at this is more circus then anything, and although it may work along side something else maybe its not right for this project theme. But it was a nice start to start looking at colour ways. Next I thought about different croquis designs and looked at using the random technique. I started of with my six motifs in a primary colour scheme and placed the motifs randomly. After that I think grouped them and created a (random) repeat patter- obviously not so random but you get what I was trying to achieve. I then spent ages changing colours into different coloured schemes that I thought worked well together. Of which I think some work very well because the motifs are relatively small, the scale is correct. In particular I really like the second design with the black background, and pink, green and yellow motifs. I think this looks quirky and fun. And depending on the final product would be nice for the target market. Although I’m not sure if any of the others really work considering the target market is Edgy youth. Obviously needs more consideration. But I’m glad I tested out so many colours because this says to me what colours work well together and also makes me consider scales with particular colours. Because the forth design with the green background maybe to bright and washes out the design. All of this is considered when creating more patterns.

On Monday I plan to go into the print room and put my design onto my screen. So with this in mind I wanted to test out some pattern designs with metallic colours, for example I would put foil In this area. Using photoshop I have used tools to try create the idea that it is metallic, which I think looks fabulous. I first tested this out using the pink and green colours but I personally don’t think this looks right. I also attempted to think about an reverse pattern idea thinking about the inverse and the out verse if thats how you say it. Again I don’t think the pink works very well against this but I do think the black works well to contrast against the metallic. I should probably test this out using different coloured metallic though because thinking about it I don’t think Steve has silver foil. Although this is in my colour scheme this all needs to be considered.


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