New Pattern Ideas

So I first of all started playing around with some of the motifs in specific colours just creating basic patterns to see what I achieved. I found it really hard to use more then one motif and make it work. When I initially think of stationary, I just assume folder and journal covers and pages to go in a book which is why I attempted to include a side piece with all the motifs because I thought this might look cute inside a journal as the decoration on the side of the page.

However, with more thought It can be a lot more then this. It can include: magazine files, file trays, pens, pen pots, note pads, sticky notes, rubbers, photo albums, paper clips and pad folios. There are probably many more but I will attempt to pick a few for my collection and show this using photoshop to get an idea of what my designs could look like.

After speaking to a class mate the other day, she talked me threw this project and what things they want from us in terms of different styled designs. This included 12 designs consisting of three colour ways of the same design. Three coordinating patterns with different motifs, but perhaps using the same colour scheme and two different repeating layouts. Of which six must be paper based and the other six on fabric using either print, stitch or dyes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to complete this because with only three weeks its making me a little stressed. I have written out lots of ideas but after creating some more pattern designs I have roughly decided that I will create three colour ways on fabric using screen print because that will be a quick effective way to get the same design onto fabric with different colours. Meaning I won’t have to change my design on my screen lots. I will create three illustrated designs on paper, perhaps using different methods of media, because I’m not the biggest fan of drawing or painting.I will create three coordinating patterns, two on fabric maybe using both print and stitch and one on paper, to suggest that all three prints could be used on different products but work together. And lastly create two different repeating layouts using the same motifs on paper and print them to a high quality. Leaving me with one last design which I will think of later. But the more I create designs, the more I am thinking about using foils and try out this holographic substance that I haven’t had the chance to try out because I was in China. I have lots to do these coming weeks. I’m slightly nervous. If anyone would like to give me advice please comment suggestions.


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