Screen Printing Design

During the past few days I have been working frantically to create an interesting pattern to start the screen printing process. After messing around and testing out different groups of motifs together in different ways I decided to create this print. Focusing on something slightly more complicated with two motifs in different sizes and and directions to make a print, and multiplying it. I think this works really well for my target market because its not too basic but its also fun and interesting. I tested it in a few colours that I thought would work nicely together, noting how previous patterns have looked. My personal favourite is the yellow background with the purple and green spaceships. The colours are bright and bold and the outline is dark enough to stand out next to the green, something I was struggling with because the green is so overpowering. I think this particular colour scheme would work well for my target market because its quirky.

When I returned into the print room, it turned out someone had taken my screen so I had to coat up a new one. After speaking with Steve about my design he decided it would be best to use two screens for the four different colours. So that It wouldn’t take me to long to print the final design. Luckily he was nice enough to give me two screens, which I have now coated and am waiting for them to dry to expose my designs.

Using photoshop I have been able to put my design into four different patterns in order for me to print potentially four different colours for my design. However, I might use my three but we shall see. I also want to test out using foils with this design as I think it might be interesting to add an extra element.


I have also exposed this design onto my second screen as I want to test these motifs in both stitch and print.


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