Screen Printing for Dummies

So, basically today in the printing room I made so many mistakes I thought it might be a good idea to write a how to, so I can’t mess up next time. Lesson learnt, and I will learn from my mistakes. I just hope the print works, but time will tell.

  1. First of all coat the screen using the blue substance. This must be done in the dark. With two people, one person holding there the screen steady using there foot as an anchor point. The other applying the substance. Once coated, leave to dry for one hour minimum.
  2. Create design making sure all marks are large enough to been shown during exposure.
  1. Print the design.
  2. Take the paper and coat the paper in a layer of sunflower oil.
  3. Check the blue substance is dry on the screen. Again this must be done in the dark, so that it does not start to expose.
  4. Turn the exposure machine on and layout the paper designs onto the glass making sure they are all facing the correct way, with space in between each.
  5. Lay the dry screen on top facing down and place the tube half on the screen and half off the screen. Close the lid and pull the leaver towards you.
  6. There are 6 buttons to the left of the machine. Click the fourth button, and the third large button to start the suction. The numbers will start to count up and down. When the left screen reacher 2 you can turn off the suction lifting the rubber from the glass.
  7. Make sure the wet room is free before lifting the lid. When it is free, lift the lid on the exposure machine and take the screen quickly to the the wet room, to spray the design on both side. The design should become clear.



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