Screen Printing

During todays workshop day I attempted to get lots done in terms of final pieces, because I have  realised I haven’t got much time left till hand in and its making me really nervous. I started straight away mixing colours ready to screen print. and got stuck in using my two screens with my four layers of pattern to make my yellow printed design.

This was my first attempt at a layered pattern which I think worked well considering I haven’t been in the print room in so long however, there are a few issues with this print. Because the first layer is a plain square of paint, the other paint on top, although the first layer was dry, it just didn’t sit right and made the top layers bleed which I don’t like. Also because the design is so intricate on the third layer a lot of it hasn’t come out which is again disappointing, but Steve had warned me of this.

My next idea was to attempt to dye some fabric in order for it to be my background colour instead of using paint, because this should then hopefully allow the paint to sit nicely on top and not bleed. But with little time and equipment, Steve said I could only have one dye, I chose red in order to do this design.

This is pretty gutting, because I don’t think I can use this first yellow printed piece because it is of low quality. And the whole point of me putting this design on the screen was to create the colour ways for my final pieces. At this rate I think the best Idea is to print them off because the designs themselves look really good quality from Photoshop.

I also tested some foils on fabric to see if they were any better quality then the paper ones I had tested previously. I think this first blue one I don’t looks really nice (even better in person). The fabric is cotton which gives it a really nice clean finish with the dye. But the foils came out patchy, and it like light I think this looks really nice. Although this pink one is done on a very thin material and I think the paint wasn’t complely dry when I printed the glue on top making it very patchy. I think this Pink doesn’t work well as a background because its so bright.

When I got home from this disappointing day. I decided to continue drawing and creating motifs for more patterns, because this is what Keireirene said to me in my last tutorial. I went onto the website for Cyber Dog and took ideas and designs from there range of fashion and accessories. thinking about new fashion designs and patterns for new prints. Heres some of what I came up with.

WechatIMG5I became infatuated with this circuit board print which looks really edgy in different colours after seeing it on a pair of pants on there website. I started drawing more and more in my book and creating background patterns for other motifs on Photoshop which I think is a really interesting idea.


Here are a few designs I created:

In particular my favourites are the one with the layers, especially this blue spaceship motif  behind the circuit boards, because only some patterns how up making it interesting to the eye. I also love this the two with the body motif’s because they work so well with the theme. the contrast with the colours and opacity on the second I think works very well. I look forward to seeing how I can use these designs in print and stitch.




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