Mockup Products

Living with graphic students really does have its perks. After speaking with the girls on my course they suggested as part of the twelve designs, we add our prints to products in order to see what the final product could look like. After attempting to do this myself and using youtube tutorials, my flatmate suggested I use graphic mockups, these downloadable files to add prints and logos to many different products. So here is a few of the first I created with my designs, using a few different mockups. As you can see I have only used certain prints that I though would be appropriate and that I actually have selected out of all the many colour schemes and motifs.

I then also tested out some of the other brief’s essentials, including colour ways and corresponding patterns. I did have some trouble choosing colour schemes and patterns that went together because although I have made many prints, some look more mature then others because of the colour scheme and motifs. This did make it a lot harder to choose. I also tested out some different backgrounds for the books to give it a more futuristic feel. Feel free to comment your favourite.

In particular I really struggled pairing the yellow spaceship print with the body motif print because they send of very different vibes. The yellow spaceship design looks very young and playful where as the body motif pattern looks more mature and looks more futuristic because of the nature of the motif. But I really enjoy using these mockup websites so I will continue because I obviously think my prints could be used more then just as book or notepad printed designs.



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