Digital Stitch

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some workshops in order to learn how to do digital stitch, using the facilities available to us. With the help of Maggie she taught me how to create my own designs in different formats. Using a few different motifs, I have been able to try out a few samples of different stitch and on different fabrics. Take a look at my video I created showing some of the process of the digital stitch. Video

Here are the pieces I created from the Video. These are all samples. If I was to make them a final piece I would want to re create all of these because I’m such a perfectionist. I wanted to test the stitches, colours and fabrics to see if this was actually a route I wanted to continue with because when I think of Space Age, I think of very clean lines, I wouldn’t necessarily think of embroidery. But I think this is an interesting edge with this theme and my final products. When I go into Paper Chase I am always drawn to these hand made books with lots of intrique stitch on them, Which might be an interesting point of view to try out on some mock up stationary pieces. Especially working with the plastic because it gives it a more futuristic feel and an interesting texture.



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