New Digital Stitch work

Today in stitch I created a new final piece to add to my collection. Which was the three head motifs with the goggles. I first tested out different coloured plastics with different coloured thread. But in the ended decided on the pink plastic with pink thread. However, tomorrow I might complete another colour way sample using black plastic with black thread. I think these would work really well as straps around books, to hold them together and to add something more textural and unique to a basic covered book with one of my patterns on. This might bring it all together. Heres the video I created to go along side it.

Here are the photos of the work completed. First of all the test pieces I created checking different stitches, colours, plastics and backing materials. After finally decided I chose pink thread on pink plastic which I think looks subtly girly and really nice, adding texture and fun to a stationary book. Here is also a mock up I made a few days ago playing around with idea. So this could be what it looks like, but its just an idea so far.

These last two are new editions just looking at possible ideas using these wrap around plastic grips for the journals, and new ideas for the inside of the journals, showing it in more then one way. Not sure if the pink works very well with this design, but tomorrow I am going to be attempting to screen print this design in three colour ways, on the dyed fabrics I have recently completed.




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