Screen Prints

Here are some screen prints I printed a while ago, during the two weeks of being third year buddies. This was the first time I screen printed onto plastics and I think it went very well considering. I started off looking at colours from my colour palette and because I had brought in this green plastic I thought it would be best to start there. This is now an old print, but you can see it repeats. This pattern has now been replaced with the pattern I have been placing onto mockups which I think looks a lot better, but this is the repeat of a similar pattern. I thought the green came out really well, although the paint has lead a little, I really like the texture of the plastic and think it works really well. If I had the chance I would go back and repeat this on pink plastic, but sadly I don’t think we have anymore time in the print room before our final deadline, and even worse I don’t own any blue plastic.

I then started playing around with some other plastics and a metallic pleather I bought back from china, with new colours not from my colour palette to see what my designs would look like in different ways. I decided I really liked the shine of the metallic pleather, the colour really worked well with the while pattern on top, obviously its hard to show this on photoshop because its such a unique fabric. However, I also really liked the colour palette of the black plastic with the white and red, and since then have created a new colour palette using these colours which I think works nicely, and could work well for my target market. I think it also keeps within the sci-fi theme which is obviously a bonus.

I also created a sample with orange plastic and flourescent pink paint on top, but this didn’t photo well at all, so if you get the chance to ever see my work, keeps your eyes peeled for it, because it does surprisingly look quite pretty.

I think screen printing onto plastic is such a brilliant idea, but I think I want to gain more experience with this during my third year, and try using different scaled shapes to see if the paint will lay differently accordingly. Yet to be tested.


New Mock-ups

I’ve been continuously working hard to create these mock up stationery books, looking at different patterns, colours and¬†alternative colour palettes. Here are just a few of the individual ones, using the second scanned collage and the final one, using the first collage but with an alternative colour palette.

I then started working on coordinating patterns. I realised this worked best when three colours were chosen, and if one of the designs was much simpler so it wouldn’t be to hard to look at. I first used the pink, green and yellow from my colour pallet, and tested it with different patterns, and edited the patterns into different colours. My personal favourite of this selection has to be the second one, just because it is visually interesting and not to hard to look at. Especially with the simplest of designs in the middle. I then moved on to different colours in my colour pallet. I have to say I think the red, purple and pink co-ord’s look fantastic. These appear to be very feminine, but still powerful because of the deep purple and bright red. I think the correct colours were chosen in the correct places making this work very well.

I then eventually did move on to using some of my alternative colour pallets and thought it would be good to go back to some of my older designs to incorporate them, and see if they work. I honestly think this last set of co-ords look great. The colours are quirky and the designs are interesting. I think they go together very well. But obviously it does help they the colours all match.


These are two collages I created after being inspired by the video on Harpers Baazar webpage, posted a few weeks ago but also I was inspired by the third year degree show to actually try out collaging.

I wanted to start by creating some basic repeating patterns and with a little help from my architecture friend, I came up with this. I think this looks really effective because of the way the lines meet, it looks like a corner, but also looks like an explosion which was the main focus of this piece. I particularly like it in with the white background, as it looks really clean and still edgy.

I then applied these designs to some mock ups, and even tested some old motifs on top to test if they looked good, which I think the spade ship looks cleverly placed onto this notebook, but maybe would work better as a sticker.

I’ve also messed around with this collage using opacity and size tools, to make the pattern more interesting in different ways. I also used old motifs to incorporate different elements into the design. Although I’m not sure the final design looks very good, because it seems very immature and wouldn’t go with my target market.

Laser Cutting

After deciding a title for my project and a font, I decided to get it laser cut into some funky card to maybe put up for my final end of year show. When I went to go buy my card, all they had was this sparkly silver or black. I ended up deciding to go with the black because it was bolder and contrasted with the silver I was using for the headers. I went to the Fab Lab to get it cut out, which was the first time going in there. I was really impressed with how helpful they were, and how quickly they got me onto the machines. Although I have used the machines upstairs before, I feel like the Technical demonstrators gave me no confidence to allow me to do it on my own, which can be really demotivating sometimes. This is why when my friend told me about the Fab Lab I thought it was such a good idea, and they treated me less like a student and more like a client.



New Title

After seeing the third years work, Its been really inspiring to me to continue with my project in new and interesting ways. One of which is a title for mu project and perhaps a new font?

I chose the title ‘AND I SURVIVE”. Which I got of the video in my previous post, from the Gigi space Odyssey piece by Harpers Bazaar. The music I found so interesting and deep, not only this, but I thought this collection of words could work very well to my target market because some may think it’s edgy and goes with the space theme which I think it does. Many people have lost there lives attempting to gain more knowledge of outer space, but many like Neil Armstrong have managed to overcome the fear and survived this adventure.

But if I’m thinking about this on a much deeper level, I want to point out that being a young aged girl in education. With lots of pressure on you to look good and do well in your studies, many people (not only girls) suffer with different forms of depression and anxiety. Which I think is like a bigger meaning behind the words, to me anyway. This is something I want to subtly suggest in these words. But to whom ever may be reading this, they can take on there own ideas of what the words can mean.

I started playing around with the idea of using this title, first of all with the font I have been using throughout this project, which is cleverly called transformers. thinking about it now, it just seems slightly boring, its not WOW enough for me, especially with this title. I continued looking anyway and found three others that I liked the look of called: Locus Resistance, Skirmisher and Rapier. The second one to me jumps out the most because the texture on the letters created the impression of a rock or perhaps the moon? Plus because the text is bold I think it creates a lasting effect. The third one, in my head now looks to me as if its a quirky Japanese font, which although some people told me they like best, I don’t think it works for my project. The last one also looks quirky, with emphasis on the A and R which I like but it’s just not as bold as the second one, and when I consider my project, I want it to make a lasting impact on people. Thats why I’ve chosen to change my font and use this second font here in the image called Locus Resistance. I’ve tested them all out in multiple colours, within my colour pallet and think it looks best in blue and the shiny silver I’ve attempted to create.


With my new title and font chosen I wanted to put it onto my mock ups to see how effective they were. Here’s what I created: Let me know what you think.

Personally I felt like I was struggling to find three designs that collectively worked together, making them all interesting and all visually pleasing each one on it’s own. But I think this collection of three works really well. They all contain similar colours, interesting motifs, and the text stands out and works well I think.

Gigi Hadid’s Space Odyssey

I’ve recently been scrolling through Instagram to find one of my favourite models, modelling for Harpers Bazaar with the space theme, due to NASA’s involvement.

Although not much is said about NASA in the article, she quotes on Instagram: ‘an unforgettable visit to #NASA’. These photo’s taken by Mariano Vivanco are so interesting to me, these give me a lot of inspiration to continue looking at this project. Take a look and see for yourself:

With such beautiful fashion designs, capturing the body in very different ways, all mostly metallic which I love. And all the backgrounds are unique and interesting but also edgy, giving of an alien vibe which is perfect for my recent project.