These are two collages I created after being inspired by the video on Harpers Baazar webpage, posted a few weeks ago but also I was inspired by the third year degree show to actually try out collaging.

I wanted to start by creating some basic repeating patterns and with a little help from my architecture friend, I came up with this. I think this looks really effective because of the way the lines meet, it looks like a corner, but also looks like an explosion which was the main focus of this piece. I particularly like it in with the white background, as it looks really clean and still edgy.

I then applied these designs to some mock ups, and even tested some old motifs on top to test if they looked good, which I think the spade ship looks cleverly placed onto this notebook, but maybe would work better as a sticker.

I’ve also messed around with this collage using opacity and size tools, to make the pattern more interesting in different ways. I also used old motifs to incorporate different elements into the design. Although I’m not sure the final design looks very good, because it seems very immature and wouldn’t go with my target market.


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