New Mock-ups

I’ve been continuously working hard to create these mock up stationery books, looking at different patterns, colours and alternative colour palettes. Here are just a few of the individual ones, using the second scanned collage and the final one, using the first collage but with an alternative colour palette.

I then started working on coordinating patterns. I realised this worked best when three colours were chosen, and if one of the designs was much simpler so it wouldn’t be to hard to look at. I first used the pink, green and yellow from my colour pallet, and tested it with different patterns, and edited the patterns into different colours. My personal favourite of this selection has to be the second one, just because it is visually interesting and not to hard to look at. Especially with the simplest of designs in the middle. I then moved on to different colours in my colour pallet. I have to say I think the red, purple and pink co-ord’s look fantastic. These appear to be very feminine, but still powerful because of the deep purple and bright red. I think the correct colours were chosen in the correct places making this work very well.

I then eventually did move on to using some of my alternative colour pallets and thought it would be good to go back to some of my older designs to incorporate them, and see if they work. I honestly think this last set of co-ords look great. The colours are quirky and the designs are interesting. I think they go together very well. But obviously it does help they the colours all match.


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