To finalise my ‘Making Connections’ project, I want to firstly start by saying how pleased I am with the finished collection of samples and CAD visuals created to represent my company Cyber Dog, in creating its first stationery collection. I think the finalised designs express the brand well and are quirky and interesting, which is perfect for my client. After receiving the feedback in April, I wanted to continue this project by creating more imagery because although I thought I had lots, not many went together to make a coordinating set. Since then I have been playing around with collage work, which is new to me, but also creating patterns and shapes on Photoshop. Both of which have turned out really well, by mixing these with some of my older designs to make a coordinating set of designs which are all unique and interesting on their own, but work great at a group. Some of my old designs I have since, completely abandoned as I don’t think they are right for this specific project, however I am still pleased with the amount of illustrations I have created during this whole project, because I am not confident with my drawing skills. I have also been testing out alternative colour ways using mock ups, this could be potentially, for a different customer entirely, or just to make a change, these also came out great and I have had some positive feedback from peers to say that they were good colour combinations, especially for my space theme.

After spending two weeks building the degree show with my buddy, it really motivated me to continue working in all aspects of my project, firstly thinking about scale of samples, materials, colours and professionalism. From this I gained value experience, which I hope to take forward with me into my final year of my degree. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being someone’s ‘slave’. But as the deadline approached I really enjoyed how helping out and creating the show with my buddy and seeing the final work on display. It made me nervous yet excited for my final year at a textiles student. It also taught me that although I have a new-found interest for fashion, I don’t want to limit myself to just a fashion outcome. I want to show diversity in all my work, which is why I have added some fashion CAD visuals into my work this term. Lastly, I just want to say that I think this term has been a little strange. I am very glad we have done the buddy system, and I am glad I got the chance to continue this work because it’s made me move my collection in a different direction for the better. However, being able to access workshops has been tricky and I understand technical demonstrators have other commitments but it was put in the timetable we had time to go into the workshops, but this wasn’t made clear to the technical demonstrators who didn’t want us in the workshops and it made me feel uncomfortable to ask.


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