Reflection- Field

My fields project this year have been a fantastic and multi-cultural experience. Firstly, going to China for three months, which counted towards part of my first field project. Secondly, I spent two weeks travelling across India to learn about the culture and different art techniques. I have to say, now looking back, the field project that inspired me the most was my trip to China. Three months really changed the way I think and made me realise how passionate I am about taking my textiles degree down a fashion route. It also weirdly inspired me to look into Japanese fashion designers, even though China and Japan are not connected in anyway. Giving me new interest points to look at, including pleating, inspired by Issey Miyake’s Pleat Please collection, which motivated me to take part in a pleating work placement at Ciment Pleating, this Easter just gone. This time in China also gave me the opportunity to experiment with different fabrics like plastics and PVC, which has moved me in a more futuristic direction in my work, in comparison to before when I was looking at much older sights like abandoned ruins. I think its interesting how much my work has changed since returning.

The overall experience of moving to china to study fashion was an amazing challenge and I’m so glad I was chosen to take part in it, I think this experience will continue to inspire me throughout the rest of my degree and furthermore. After returning and going straight into my second field project, I’d like to say I was more prepared for what I was going to see but nothing really compares to India. Even though I was living in Asia, China and India are worlds apart in terms of their culture. It was a totally different culture shock to China, but during our trip we got to work closely with people who create the most beautiful pieces of handmade art in different ways. I think the overall trip was amazing and well designed for most art students, because we got the chance to see lots of art forms, including, dying, printing, ceramics, jewellery making and painting. However, I don’t think this trip has inspired me yet, if anything it has moved me more into the digital art form because I wanted to show diversity in my work, which India did not have much of at all. Never the less, I’m so pleased I got the chance to travel to India as I believe it has given me a greater sense of awareness in the world. I can only assume that this trip will one day inspire a project of mine, but as of yet I’m still coming down from the fact I was living in China and I can’t thank Cardiff Met more for these wonderful opportunities to travel like I have been able to this year.


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