Gigi Hadid’s Space Odyssey

I’ve recently been scrolling through Instagram to find one of my favourite models, modelling for Harpers Bazaar with the space theme, due to NASA’s involvement.

Although not much is said about NASA in the article, she quotes on Instagram: ‘an unforgettable visit to #NASA’. These photo’s taken by Mariano Vivanco are so interesting to me, these give me a lot of inspiration to continue looking at this project. Take a look and see for yourself:

With such beautiful fashion designs, capturing the body in very different ways, all mostly metallic which I love. And all the backgrounds are unique and interesting but also edgy, giving of an alien vibe which is perfect for my recent project.


New Motifs, New Ideas

So I’ve been attempting to do more drawing, and after visiting Cyberdog last week, I got tons of inspiration from looking at the clothes and accessories, wall art and colours. Since them I have come up with six new model drawings, five of which I have taken forward and make a collective group, including my previous two which I drew in China.

motif body7

I have since put this image onto a screen ready to screen print. When I spoke to Helen today about this she suggested it might be a cool idea to give them all names and make a collection of stationary for each of the body motifs. I thought this was particularly cool, so I started looking for awesome futuristic names, some of which I think are really creative. Solar-Jexa, Zon, Zarilah, Nova, Venus, Azarea and Luna. In that order. I then player around with different colours and repeat patterns for the collection of body motifs.

After looking at patterns, I started thinking about creating mock-ups of products for these motifs. I first thought about creating book marks, for each of the motifs. Its a quirky idea for my ideal customer however, its fun and I think gives each customer a sense of personality, that they can choose which ever they like best. I then went onto looking at books, borders and and coordinating patterns. I got this really good idea because there is 7 of them, that I could create a diary, and each day would be a different body. So I attempted a little mock up of this idea, which I think would be really fun, but I need to look into how diary’s look, what kind of sections they contain, because I’d want it to be interactive and fun. The coordinating patterns were just an idea, but I think it needs a lot more work.

I have also been playing around with these three motifs inspired by my time in Shanghai. I wanted to play around with more interesting/random motifs that are still quite relatively simple. This is a repeating stripe pattern in three different colour ways. I think looking at all three, I personally preferred the purple, pink and blue colour scheme because I think it works the best for my customer. I then tested out one mockup with this pattern but using it as a stripe rather then a complete pattern as it just makes things slightly different and more interesting.

Digital Stitch

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some workshops in order to learn how to do digital stitch, using the facilities available to us. With the help of Maggie she taught me how to create my own designs in different formats. Using a few different motifs, I have been able to try out a few samples of different stitch and on different fabrics. Take a look at my video I created showing some of the process of the digital stitch. Video

Here are the pieces I created from the Video. These are all samples. If I was to make them a final piece I would want to re create all of these because I’m such a perfectionist. I wanted to test the stitches, colours and fabrics to see if this was actually a route I wanted to continue with because when I think of Space Age, I think of very clean lines, I wouldn’t necessarily think of embroidery. But I think this is an interesting edge with this theme and my final products. When I go into Paper Chase I am always drawn to these hand made books with lots of intrique stitch on them, Which might be an interesting point of view to try out on some mock up stationary pieces. Especially working with the plastic because it gives it a more futuristic feel and an interesting texture.


Cyber Dog Visit

Today we took a trip to London to look at the Chelsea Harbour Interior Design Show 2017. Because we were in London, I decided it was a really good time, and point in my design process to visit the store I am hypothetically working for in my brief. This store is called Cyber Dog and they are based online, but also in London, Camden. They also have stores in Brighton, Manchester and Ibiza, but I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting this store in London. Its Store Policy not to take photos, but I did ask and they said I can take photos, just not of the merchandise. Here are a few photos I took, just so you can get a vibe of how crazy and inspirational this store is to me and my design work. As soon as you walk in you are hit with futuristic aliens hung against the wall, UV lights and LED’s.

I think after seeing my store brand, I am going to continue to draw more patterns and interesting motifs, because it would seem I could go a lot further with these ideas.

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Mockup Products

Living with graphic students really does have its perks. After speaking with the girls on my course they suggested as part of the twelve designs, we add our prints to products in order to see what the final product could look like. After attempting to do this myself and using youtube tutorials, my flatmate suggested I use graphic mockups, these downloadable files to add prints and logos to many different products. So here is a few of the first I created with my designs, using a few different mockups. As you can see I have only used certain prints that I though would be appropriate and that I actually have selected out of all the many colour schemes and motifs.

I then also tested out some of the other brief’s essentials, including colour ways and corresponding patterns. I did have some trouble choosing colour schemes and patterns that went together because although I have made many prints, some look more mature then others because of the colour scheme and motifs. This did make it a lot harder to choose. I also tested out some different backgrounds for the books to give it a more futuristic feel. Feel free to comment your favourite.

In particular I really struggled pairing the yellow spaceship print with the body motif print because they send of very different vibes. The yellow spaceship design looks very young and playful where as the body motif pattern looks more mature and looks more futuristic because of the nature of the motif. But I really enjoy using these mockup websites so I will continue because I obviously think my prints could be used more then just as book or notepad printed designs.


More Pattern Ideas

After creating those previous prints I wanted to try be a little more experimental. As you can see all of my designs are on these square boards- Croquis. And I am testing out different design methods to try be more creative with my motifs. So this first design I have some how incorporated all my colours with these two motifs thinking of a stripe. I’m not exactly sure if it works because there maybe to many colours, maybe in a different colour this might work better with a more focused colour scheme. The second design has a more focused colour scheme again using stripes. I think this works really nicely But I’m not sure what I was thinking this could be on when I designed it. Perhaps to go along a side of a file which might be nice because it is a detailed design.

The third design I was trying to incorporate more motifs, thinking about boarders.For example a border of a note bad paper. I’m not sure if this exactly works because the green is very bright which maybe overpowering of all the other colours. But it was just an idea so on wards and upwards. The forth design I was thinking of using the same motifs in different colours but in two different layered patterns. Making some of the motifs appear 3D which I think looks quite interesting. Maybe on a different scale though. Finally this fifth design is just something I have to test out when ever I have a pattern based project. I always test out a pinwheel design because thats always fun. Last week in the croquis talk, Helen suggested if you were creating a fabric for fashion its best to create something that works in directions, in order to save fabric for the makers, but as you can see I haven’t don’t this with this design. If you look closely I have included a space ship in the middle of each circle all facing the same way. Its always something to consider. And because of how intrigue the design is with opacity settings changed I think Its very hard to look at. But I’m glad I tried it to see maybe this time it doesn’t work.

After this I thought it might be nice to test out some colour ways because its a very quick thing to do on Photoshop. I started of with a basic design using the star and four colours. My first thought when I look at this is more circus then anything, and although it may work along side something else maybe its not right for this project theme. But it was a nice start to start looking at colour ways. Next I thought about different croquis designs and looked at using the random technique. I started of with my six motifs in a primary colour scheme and placed the motifs randomly. After that I think grouped them and created a (random) repeat patter- obviously not so random but you get what I was trying to achieve. I then spent ages changing colours into different coloured schemes that I thought worked well together. Of which I think some work very well because the motifs are relatively small, the scale is correct. In particular I really like the second design with the black background, and pink, green and yellow motifs. I think this looks quirky and fun. And depending on the final product would be nice for the target market. Although I’m not sure if any of the others really work considering the target market is Edgy youth. Obviously needs more consideration. But I’m glad I tested out so many colours because this says to me what colours work well together and also makes me consider scales with particular colours. Because the forth design with the green background maybe to bright and washes out the design. All of this is considered when creating more patterns.

On Monday I plan to go into the print room and put my design onto my screen. So with this in mind I wanted to test out some pattern designs with metallic colours, for example I would put foil In this area. Using photoshop I have used tools to try create the idea that it is metallic, which I think looks fabulous. I first tested this out using the pink and green colours but I personally don’t think this looks right. I also attempted to think about an reverse pattern idea thinking about the inverse and the out verse if thats how you say it. Again I don’t think the pink works very well against this but I do think the black works well to contrast against the metallic. I should probably test this out using different coloured metallic though because thinking about it I don’t think Steve has silver foil. Although this is in my colour scheme this all needs to be considered.

New Pattern Ideas

So I first of all started playing around with some of the motifs in specific colours just creating basic patterns to see what I achieved. I found it really hard to use more then one motif and make it work. When I initially think of stationary, I just assume folder and journal covers and pages to go in a book which is why I attempted to include a side piece with all the motifs because I thought this might look cute inside a journal as the decoration on the side of the page.

However, with more thought It can be a lot more then this. It can include: magazine files, file trays, pens, pen pots, note pads, sticky notes, rubbers, photo albums, paper clips and pad folios. There are probably many more but I will attempt to pick a few for my collection and show this using photoshop to get an idea of what my designs could look like.

After speaking to a class mate the other day, she talked me threw this project and what things they want from us in terms of different styled designs. This included 12 designs consisting of three colour ways of the same design. Three coordinating patterns with different motifs, but perhaps using the same colour scheme and two different repeating layouts. Of which six must be paper based and the other six on fabric using either print, stitch or dyes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to complete this because with only three weeks its making me a little stressed. I have written out lots of ideas but after creating some more pattern designs I have roughly decided that I will create three colour ways on fabric using screen print because that will be a quick effective way to get the same design onto fabric with different colours. Meaning I won’t have to change my design on my screen lots. I will create three illustrated designs on paper, perhaps using different methods of media, because I’m not the biggest fan of drawing or painting.I will create three coordinating patterns, two on fabric maybe using both print and stitch and one on paper, to suggest that all three prints could be used on different products but work together. And lastly create two different repeating layouts using the same motifs on paper and print them to a high quality. Leaving me with one last design which I will think of later. But the more I create designs, the more I am thinking about using foils and try out this holographic substance that I haven’t had the chance to try out because I was in China. I have lots to do these coming weeks. I’m slightly nervous. If anyone would like to give me advice please comment suggestions.