New Patterns

After receiving my feedback I wanted to continue with my project by creating some new prints and using my plastics in a different way to give me more interesting things to hang for my end of year show. I started looking back at some of my old drawings and I became really confused as to what new motifs I could use. I thought about continuing with this circuit board theme and started messing around with some small patterns on photoshop. Initially as a tester I created the basic pattern, and then separated it into the four sections, moved them around and added more patterns in order to create the repeat. As you can see I started with this one, and made it into a repeat, but I thought there was to much white space, so I left this one and continued with the new pattern.

But before I did this, I started looking at different colour ways for this design. personally I really like the original in white, blue and green because it looks clean and precise. But as you can see I have continued to look at more which also work.

This is the second design I created, starting with the same original piece but this time I added lots more into the design, including new squares and circles to fill the square more, leaving less white space. These three images show how i created the design, adding more to the initial pattern, and then taking it into four squares, moving them to the opposite corner and adding more pattern to fill the space. Doing this on photoshop instead of paper makes creating repeat patterns easy.

I used this finalised pattern and created a few different colours ways using my original colour scheme. My favourite was is the blue, with the pink and green on top. It looks really futuristic and clean, but the colours are bright and quirky. I want to test this pattern onto plastic but unfortunately I don’t own any blue plastic because thats the only colour I didn’t buy.

These are some CAD visuals I created looking at garments, instead of stationery. After talking with Irene, the fashion teacher a few weeks ago, I decided I’m really interested in incorporating more fashion into my textiles work, and I think this pattern works really nicely onto these clothes as CAD visuals. Although I can’t now go back and complete a fashion course because I’m in second year, I will try my best next year to work along side the fashion teacher more and learn as much as possible in order to gain more skills to try get a job in the fashion industry in the future.

Going back to my stationery, I have created a mock up book with a similar pattern to this one. Take a look: The first one is just the repeating pattern, which looks fine, but just slightly boring. The second one I made took me ages, creating a pattern using all the pieces of the old patterns I had created, but it doesn’t repeat and I also included a title with the font I have been using for this project. I think this looks much more interesting, with less white space and more different shapes.

With this second mock up book, I’ve tested some alternative colour ways, which I think although don’t go so well with the theme. I think the overall style looks great. Especially the pastel colour scheme. Its subtle and cute for my target market, although it could be argued that the orange is funky and also is good for my target market.


New Motifs, New Ideas

So I’ve been attempting to do more drawing, and after visiting Cyberdog last week, I got tons of inspiration from looking at the clothes and accessories, wall art and colours. Since them I have come up with six new model drawings, five of which I have taken forward and make a collective group, including my previous two which I drew in China.

motif body7

I have since put this image onto a screen ready to screen print. When I spoke to Helen today about this she suggested it might be a cool idea to give them all names and make a collection of stationary for each of the body motifs. I thought this was particularly cool, so I started looking for awesome futuristic names, some of which I think are really creative. Solar-Jexa, Zon, Zarilah, Nova, Venus, Azarea and Luna. In that order. I then player around with different colours and repeat patterns for the collection of body motifs.

After looking at patterns, I started thinking about creating mock-ups of products for these motifs. I first thought about creating book marks, for each of the motifs. Its a quirky idea for my ideal customer however, its fun and I think gives each customer a sense of personality, that they can choose which ever they like best. I then went onto looking at books, borders and and coordinating patterns. I got this really good idea because there is 7 of them, that I could create a diary, and each day would be a different body. So I attempted a little mock up of this idea, which I think would be really fun, but I need to look into how diary’s look, what kind of sections they contain, because I’d want it to be interactive and fun. The coordinating patterns were just an idea, but I think it needs a lot more work.

I have also been playing around with these three motifs inspired by my time in Shanghai. I wanted to play around with more interesting/random motifs that are still quite relatively simple. This is a repeating stripe pattern in three different colour ways. I think looking at all three, I personally preferred the purple, pink and blue colour scheme because I think it works the best for my customer. I then tested out one mockup with this pattern but using it as a stripe rather then a complete pattern as it just makes things slightly different and more interesting.

Visiting London Design Week 2017

My initial thought when visiting the Chelsea Harbour Showroom, was that it wasn’t what I expected at all. I assumed it would be something quite similar to New Designers that is held in the business centre in London. But I was pleasantly surprised with the layout of the place. It was an interesting building with lots of big spaces for each company to show case many of there collections and not only just the samples but actually create showpieces and examples to see how different samples would look in real spaces which I thought was very appropriate. Here are a few pictures I took during the day, I couldn’t get photos of everything I wanted to because some designers didn’t allow it, but I think this gives a good range of what I saw.

The major theme I saw threw out the show was this tropical rainforest feel, with animal prints, botanical illustrations  and lots of bright colours. This really shocked me because on WGSN I think one of the trends for 2018 is phyco tropical. However, this might be a different in trends between fashion and interior, because since going to China I have had very little focus on the idea of interiors. I also saw lots of geometric simple patterns in many different show rooms.

In terms of colour schemes, I saw many following this trend of the rainforest with bright greens and turquoise, contrasting this with either black of white. I also saw lots of rich orange and brown colour schemes which I thought made a warm alternative.

I was really inspired by there layouts and ways if presenting their work. In particular I was looking at how they showed colour ways, and mood boards. In many showrooms, they had an easel with lots of different fabrics of illustrations pinned up, creating a simple yet very effective mood board. This meant you could see the inspiration of all the different prints around this. It made the vision clear and fun to look at. Not only this though, was how they showed different colour ways, as this is something I have been thinking about with my upcoming deadline. Some companies had books full fabric samples of different sizes. The one main one would be at the very back in the correct scale with the colour ways trimmed smaller and smaller down one side of the page, and the other side would include a paper image of the whole print, so you could see what it looked like, depending on the scale. This aloud you to see all of the pattern as soon as you open the book, which was visually beautiful. I think there is an example in the images of Manuel Canovas. Another way I saw was having a large scale print hung up with the colour ways attached as small samples down one side of the large scale print. This was also visually nice to see. But I think I prefer the style of the book better because it allows you to include more.

I was able to get some samples from some two different companies. One of which has already arrived. Although we couldn’t take photos in the showroom, I am really pleased to see such fun and edgy prints in bold colours. It was the most similar thing I had seen to my work which made me question if my prints could work for interiors too, we’ll see. Also In this same showroom I saw a designer Kirkby Designs was doing a collection based on the Underground, Which I have to say is very inspirational and creative because I think the underground is full of inspiration. Although the prints are quite simple and basic I think you can easily see where the inspiration has come from and they really work in the space.


Cyber Dog Visit

Today we took a trip to London to look at the Chelsea Harbour Interior Design Show 2017. Because we were in London, I decided it was a really good time, and point in my design process to visit the store I am hypothetically working for in my brief. This store is called Cyber Dog and they are based online, but also in London, Camden. They also have stores in Brighton, Manchester and Ibiza, but I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting this store in London. Its Store Policy not to take photos, but I did ask and they said I can take photos, just not of the merchandise. Here are a few photos I took, just so you can get a vibe of how crazy and inspirational this store is to me and my design work. As soon as you walk in you are hit with futuristic aliens hung against the wall, UV lights and LED’s.

I think after seeing my store brand, I am going to continue to draw more patterns and interesting motifs, because it would seem I could go a lot further with these ideas.

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New Pattern Ideas

So I first of all started playing around with some of the motifs in specific colours just creating basic patterns to see what I achieved. I found it really hard to use more then one motif and make it work. When I initially think of stationary, I just assume folder and journal covers and pages to go in a book which is why I attempted to include a side piece with all the motifs because I thought this might look cute inside a journal as the decoration on the side of the page.

However, with more thought It can be a lot more then this. It can include: magazine files, file trays, pens, pen pots, note pads, sticky notes, rubbers, photo albums, paper clips and pad folios. There are probably many more but I will attempt to pick a few for my collection and show this using photoshop to get an idea of what my designs could look like.

After speaking to a class mate the other day, she talked me threw this project and what things they want from us in terms of different styled designs. This included 12 designs consisting of three colour ways of the same design. Three coordinating patterns with different motifs, but perhaps using the same colour scheme and two different repeating layouts. Of which six must be paper based and the other six on fabric using either print, stitch or dyes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to complete this because with only three weeks its making me a little stressed. I have written out lots of ideas but after creating some more pattern designs I have roughly decided that I will create three colour ways on fabric using screen print because that will be a quick effective way to get the same design onto fabric with different colours. Meaning I won’t have to change my design on my screen lots. I will create three illustrated designs on paper, perhaps using different methods of media, because I’m not the biggest fan of drawing or painting.I will create three coordinating patterns, two on fabric maybe using both print and stitch and one on paper, to suggest that all three prints could be used on different products but work together. And lastly create two different repeating layouts using the same motifs on paper and print them to a high quality. Leaving me with one last design which I will think of later. But the more I create designs, the more I am thinking about using foils and try out this holographic substance that I haven’t had the chance to try out because I was in China. I have lots to do these coming weeks. I’m slightly nervous. If anyone would like to give me advice please comment suggestions.


After attempting to email the guy from the sun dial museum in Jaipur and receiving no response, I went online and using a website I found out my Indian influenced star sign. Normally I am an Aquarius but according to this website, looking at my date, time and place of birth I am in fact a Capricorn. With this in mind I thought I would base my project looking at printed patterns using horoscopes as my main focus, as this project is about us and I want this video to project myself and my ideas of what interested me in India.

I spoke to my flat mates who are graphics students about the idea of creating a video for this project and after some consideration I thought a stop motion video would work really well for this project. If I attempt to create a pattern using some sort of potato or Lino print, and create a video of making the pattern.

Here are some pictures of patterns, prints and colours that have inspired me in this project: