Final Collection

After being inspired by my trip to china, and wanting to continue my research and development project that I initially started while at university in Beijing. I decided to continue with the theme looking at the WGSN trend for Spring/summer 2017 called digital wave, but also taking influences from 60’s space age fashion motifs.

When I was in China I was studying fashion, so I was looking less at patterns and more shapes, in particular looking at the human body. When I returned home to start this new project looking at fabric samples of patterns, I thought it might be harder for me to continue working towards a fashion outcome and moved onto stationary.

For my hypothetical brief for this project, I choose the store Cyber Dog, a futuristic fashion and accessories store based online and in four major cities in the UK, as the company to work for. I choose this store because it is so interesting and elaborate of the futuristic theme, which is what I wanted to portray in my work. The fashion could be called wacky, or out of this world if you wanted to be funny, but its different and I thought it would inspire me to be more creative with motifs and fabrics. It was after I visited the store in Camden, London, when I began to draw more of the fashion illustrations, because all of the different shapes were so inspiring, not to mention the colours and patterns. Cyber Dog have never launched a stationary brand previously, which made it more fun because I have nothing to compare it to, but also it would be a unique selling point if it was to end up in there stores.

I started working with fun and quirky motifs, some of which were inspired by my travels to Shanghai. I picked colours for my collection mostly based on the digital wave collection on WGSN, but I specifically chose bright colours because I wanted the final outcomes to be stand out visually. With my first set of motifs I applied different colours multiple times to see what colours worked together and decided that the green blue and yellow worked best, with some pink. But also the purple, red and pink worked together. I struggled to combine them all because there is a lot of colours in my colour scheme.

From the beginning I was very concentrated working with the spaceship motif, and I played around with lots of different patterns and colours to see what would work best. It was only until I screen printed the design that I realised It was working for a much younger target market then I had originally thought about creating for. Which meant most of my work up until this point was irrelevant to my project. This is then when I started to think about circuit boards and more fashion illustrations because these patterns seemed more mature and slightly raunchy which is where I was heading with the futuristic theme.

I drew out eight different fashion illustrations, with inspiration from many websites, including Cyber Dog. But in the end I choose the best seven and ended up giving them futuristic names like: Venus and Solar-Jexa. It worked out pretty well considering I was looking at stationary and these illustrations could work well for diary’s, so with there being seven, there was one for every day of the week. Which I have shown in my cad visuals.

I am practically proud of how much I have learnt since returning from my Erasmus. I have tested and gained so many valuable skills, including learning how to screen print again but also using multiple screens for one design, and how to digital stich. I think some of my best work was created using the digital stich onto the plastics. Although I am sad that I can’t use it for anything else, I love the textures it brings to my work. Especially with the stitch on top. I think it’s a very interesting idea to use them together because the plastic is so smooth and clean, but the stitch adds an element of hand-made crafted art to it. Giving the samples more character. I want my samples to be interesting to touch because after all you would be holding a notebook and it would be more interesting if the textures were fun.

My final samples came out really well. Showing lots of different skills and I believe to be presented very clean and professionally. I wanted to showcase all my skills on the chosen six samples, However I did mount the theme corresponding designs together and wanted to showcase that as one design rather then three individuals, although the top print is the most important in my eyes. I wanted to show I have looked into lots of techniques during this projects and tested both on paper, fabrics and plastics with many different motifs that work together, correctly for my target market which I think I have managed very well. I have used my time wisely and thought about ways to develop this further by given each of my illustrations names to make this project come to life and slightly more personal. Although I have thought about my market competitors, I have never seen anything quite like this with bold prints and the use of plastics. I think these designs are unique and interesting which is why I think I am so passionate to continue more work with these themes.



If I was to continue this project and develop it further, I would be very inclined to test UV paints and find similar fabrics which I could laser cut into or emboss. I think these ideas create an even more futuristic fantasy impression, which in its self is quite edgy and fun. But I think overall this project has been very successful and I have really enjoyed it. My final collection are all well linked with the theme and produced to a high standard which I am most pleased with.



Research and Development- Second Brief

For our second brief we were asked to create an outfit, looking at one era and trend forecasts for spring/ summer 2017, taking elements from each in order to create garments. I first looked at many eras, ending up choosing 60’s space age fashion. I loved the futuristic styles, with interesting shapes and fabric choices. I then looked on WGSN to find trends, and found a trend that seemed perfect for my theme called: ‘Digital Wave’. Digital wave looks at the 1980’s, with future driven modern fabrics and punk subculture style.

I have now created three different designs looking at elements of both parts of the brief. Including shapes, geometric patterns, colours and fabrics. I have also looked at fabric samples and surface pattern ideas.

But I will continue to create more designs looking at more inspiration. But I hope with the time I have left at BIFT, I am able to create a garment of good quality.

As a textile student taking on a project like this. I think the best way is to use unusual fabrics especially plastic and unconventional ways to attaching fabric pieces together. I want it to be fun but it is very hard working along fabric designers who don’t understand the mind of a textiles student like myself. I want things to be crazy and maybe unwearable.

Its very hard for me to look at the project brief in two ways, In the eyes of a new fashion designer because I don’t understand how to do this yet with the skills I currently have, and as a textile student because I understand I am lacking equipment. But where do I draw the line between the two?


This term at University has flown by and I have really enjoyed this digital project. When we first got the brief with the three theme, I was quick to choose Urban Beat as my theme. I thought it was perfect, describing the work that I have done previously and what I am truly interested in, which is Urban Exploring. The words: decay, raw, edgy, urban, gritty and industrial express my constant theme in art work, as you can probably tell.

I already had previous experience with Adobe Photoshop, so using this program within the project I found really easy. However, attempting to learn and use Adobe Illustrator I found a lot harder, because it is so different to Photoshop. But eventually I have found interesting ways to use the program. The designs I have created I think show my true passion for this theme and I hope you can see that threw my work. Artists like photographers Marchand and Meffre and print designer like Miss Print have really inspired my work this term. Marchand and Meffre due to there themes and beautiful photographs, and Miss Print because of there simple yet effective designs. I have also found it useful working alongside Lucy and getting her input about my project, because she is part of the current print industry. I have had an insight into how the process of designing occurs and have found this helpful in thinking about my future potential.

I have now finished and chosen my final six designs, made headers ready for my show and created my Pecha Kucha presentation. I am so excited to show of my work, as I think I have worked hard this term and created a good outcome that stays true to the original brief. Never the less, I am normally a confident person, but the idea of presenting my Pecha Kucha presentation is so nerve racking, knowing that I need to stay in time with the presentation and say everything I need to in such a short space of time. But lets just prey for the best.

For my show I have chosen a beautiful bronze piece of card to head all of my work. To keep within my industrial theme. I think this works well and looks very professional. Also with my new skills that I have learnt I have created a beautiful piece of extra work using this bronze card and the laser cutter. I drew out a cog design on Photoshop and transported it into Illustrator to create an outline for this. I then waited 30 minutes for it to be cut out and placed it on black card so it stands out. Which I think will add something extra to my show.

I really hope people see my work and can see I am passionate about it. I now see the potential in digital textiles for my future career and am excited about the future and what it will bring me.

Finished Digital Print with Screen Printing

After creating my screen and receiving my finished and washed piece of digitally printed fabric I then wanted to screen print onto it. Although the fabric had shrunk making it awkward to match with sizes, I still went ahead with the screen print with bright orange foils. I knew the intricate design would be a problem but I thought it might look slightly better then it came out. I’m glad this was just a test piece, but seeing others work makes me inspired to keep trying with this idea.

Digital Print

This is my digital print, printed onto fabric. I was so pleased with the result. It was a quick way to get a clear print onto fabric. However, it did shrink in size. So this method could be slightly awkward if you want it to be a specific size. The colours look so bright and beautiful.


Colour Ways

With three of my final designs i attempted to change the colour ways, to experiment with other possible ideas for the same print but in different colours within my colour scheme, on art boards. These are the only designs I felt able to do this with because when I started creating the print, all the pieces are individual symbols making it easy to edit the colours quickly. However both my Photoshop designs I found more challenging to edit. And lastly my triangle vent shaped object was extremely difficult to edit because I created this when i first started using Illustrator and the objects I edited in Photoshop so each shape was an image and not a vector. This made it difficult, but as you can see my knowledge of illustrator and photoshop has improved.

Final Collection Of Designs

This is just a few ideas for my final collection of six designs. As you can see I have chosen five designs that I think work really well together, because of the colours and the concepts. I have tried to incorporate lots of different ideas but I think it works really well. Currently I think my favourite collection is the third one, because I really do like the concept of the telegraph pole which I would like to include in my final collection, and that second piece has a lot of depth, I think the colours work really well. Perhaps not in that order but I think those six work well together and represent the theme ‘Urban BEAT’. The colours pop and the designs look edgy and represent my initial search words including: Industrial, Urban, Decay, Gritty and Raw.